Now, Face the Mighty Bison in New Street Fighter V Screenshots

Following up the reveal trailer yesterday for the Dictator himself, M. Bison for Street Fighter V, Capcom has released a number of high quality screenshots of the Psycho Power wielding master himself. In the screenshots, we see a number of new moves and uses for Bison’s violet powers, from grabs, EX kicks, giant spheres, and dives, like Bison has been known to do. Also worth note, Bison has gotten a little older, and even though his hair is plenty grey now, that hasn’t slowed him down one bit. With original character design based heavily on the character Yasunori Kato from the film Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis, Bison’s empty eyes and wide smile is very fitting of his international title of Dictator.

While not much information has been released about Street Fighter V aside from the inclusion of Ryu, Chun Li, Charlie, and Bison, we can expect plenty of new news and footage during E3 next month. Capcom is set to bring Street Fighter worldwide yet again with this latest installment, and if these screenshots are anything to go off of, it’s definitely looking to do just that.









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