Nudist Beach Satsuki Cosplay is Seriously Gorgeous

Lady Satsuki Kiryuin, the famed Student Council President of Honnoji Academy rules her school ruthlessly. She is usually seen in either her school uniform, or her Kamui, Junketsu, which is infused with life fibers to give her extreme fighting prowess. Cosplay Love Pro dons the Nudist Beach outfit as Satsuki, as part of a rebel organization that uses guerilla tactics and subterfuge to fight the Kiryuin rule that wants to force the world to conform to the will of Life Fibers. She makes an awesome Satsuki, showing every detail of the outfit including the numerous pockets that line the top and bottom. Cosplay Love Pro poses poised for action with the sun behind her, framing her in a gorgeous evening light. This Satsuki cosplay is truly epic and amazingly accurate.



Photography by Tobious Photography and Cyberhead Designs