Opening Cinematic Of Pokken Tournament Released

A new cinematic has been released by Nintendo and Bandai Namco for Pokken Tournament.  You can check out the trailer below.

The trailer shows off a wide variety of series Pokemon battling each other, as Pokemon are known to do. It was also announced last week by Bandai Namco that there are currently no plans for adding in characters or stages in the game with paid DLC.

This isn’t the only piece of Pokemon related news, as Nintendo recently had a Nintendo Direct discussing the series as well as the newest games coming later this year, Pokemon Sun and Moon. Between Pokken Tournament and these two new games, Pokemon fans have a lot to look forward to during the long running series 20th anniversary.

Pokken Tournament releases on March 18th exclusively for the the Wii U. A special controller made exclsuively for the game is also available for pre-order along with the game.






Written by Guest Contributor Matthew