Overwatch Getting New Legendary And Epic Skins

Blizzard has revealed that they are working on some new legendary and epic skins for Overwatch that should be “coming soon”. I’m sure fans would love even more options to differentiate themselves from others who wish to play as their favorite characters.

Game director Jeff Kaplan has said on the official forums “We have Legendary and Epic skins coming soon,Rares will most likely be tied to new hero releases (with Ana we introduced Rare, Epic and Legendary skins).” With Ana just recently being released some new skins is the perfect way to satiate fans appetites for some new content as they continue work on bigger projects like characters and maps.

With the success of Overwatch, it is really nice to see Blizzard attempting to release a steady stream of content. Hopefully once the new skins are out and fans have had time to get their favorites we get a new match or game mode to help spice up the gameplay a bit. There is no doubt fans will be getting bigger content and I look forward to seeing just what Blizzard still has in store for the game.

Overwatch is out now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.






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