Overwatch’s New Character Is Officially Revealed

After weeks of hints and teases, Blizzard has finally revealed Overwatch’s newest character. Ladies and gentleman, say hello to Orisa.

A former robot that was attacked by Doomfist, Orisa was rebuilt by child genius Efi Oladele, who was hinted at in teasers. You can check out her full origin story in the short trailer below. Orisa is a Tank who’s primary weapon is the Fusion Driver. This weapon allows Orisa to fire at a distance, but the weapon’s alternate firing, called Halt, lets her suck enemies in, much like Zarya’s Ultimate. She also has an ability called Fortify, which reduces damage she takes and makes her immune to ability effects, as well as Protective Barrier, which she can use to protect allies from enemy fire. Also interesting to note is that Orisa is the future quadruped character, and she’s roughly the same size as Winston.

While there’s currently no date on when Orisa will be live for everyone, but she’s currently part of a new patch for Overwatch’s Public Test Region (or PTR for short), which can learn more about here. The PTR is for PC players only.






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