Overwatch Is Getting Three New Maps

Overwatch is going to be getting more maps. According to the game’s director Jeff Kaplan, players can expect three new maps, and that they’re likely to come out within the next year.

While we don’t know what these three maps will look like, Kaplan did confirm that they are being playtested right now. “While something could always change, all three of those are looking likely for a release this year,” he wrote on the game’s forums.  He went on to say that these three maps will be a bit more unconventional, and won’t be the kind of maps you’ll see being played in competitive, and that they’re working on them as best they can. “We want to play on these maps as badly as you guys do”, Kaplan said. “We’ll work as fast as we can!”

Overwatch is out now for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game’s newest event, Uprising, is also going on right now, though it’s set to end next week.


SOURCE: Blizzard Forums




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