Blizzard Rolls Out Overwatch’s Competitive Mode On PC

It’s taken awhile, but Overwatch’s competitive mode is finally set to release. PC players can get the new mode in a new update that will go live later today, while the consoles will get their chance next week.

For those wondering why it’s only the PC version and not the console versions, Blizzard addressed that on their forums. “We know this isn’t an ideal way to deliver new content, so we’re going to continue to refine our patching processes over the next few months in an effort to sync up our release dates across platforms as closely possible”, the developer explained. “Although our client will always allow us to be more agile on PC, we hope to reach a point where we can release major updates on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 simultaneously.”

Another key thing to keep in mind is that this first season of competitive play will only be an “abbreviated” run, lasting only one in a half months instead of the planned two. Why, you ask? Well, as Blizzard puts it, the reason is because “our Competitive Play patch is launching in the middle of the Summer 2016 season, which technically began on June 1 (a minor side-effect of our real-world season system). As a result, our inaugural season will include approximately 1.5 months of play rather than the full 2.5 months, ending on August 18 across all platforms. The Fall 2016 season will then begin as scheduled following our standard two-week off-season break.”

So, there you have it. It took awhile, but if you play Overwatch on the PC, you can finally hop on today and try your best at ranked competitive play.






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