Overwatch’s Competitive Mode Is Undergoing Changes

Blizzard is currently hard at work to get competitive mode available for Overwatch and they are looking to make sure it is as great as can be. Sudden death is the big thing that will get changed, according to game director Jeff Kaplan.

“Even though we feel like tuning the attacker vs. defender advantage in Sudden Death is achievable—and we’re really close right now—the community perception is that one side always has a clear advantage on Assault, Escort, and Hybrid maps, and (as a result) you feel the coin flip mechanic is unfair,” Kaplan explains in a post on the Battle.net forums. “The balance is the easy part for us, but the perception issues are much more challenging. Challenging and important.

“In this situation, we feel like we can compromise and make changes that can improve most players’ experience in Competitive Play. So, in the short term, we’ve got some tweaks coming that will help balance out attack/defend win rates in Sudden Death. In the long term, we’re actually looking to remove the coin flip and Sudden Death from the game altogether.”

This means that, in the short term, Blizzard will reduce match times from five to four minutes as well as reducing Sudden Death from two minutes to one minute 45 seconds. Blizzard is also has some plans for long time fixes.

Blizzard is toying with the idea of a “time bank” system. This system will remember how long it took each team to push a pay-load and then, in case of a tie, will give the team that amount of time to push the pay-load as far as they can with the team who pushes it the farthest being the winner.

Kaplan has also noted that they have considered simply removing the Coin Flip and Sudden Death and just ending games in a draw. Since Blizzard does not want to push back the release of competitive mode, only the short term changes will be added at the moment. In the Fall, however, Blizzard should start implementing some of the long term changes.

Overwatch is out now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.






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