Overwatch’s Director Sheds Light On The Future Of The Game

With Overwatch now having been out to the public for a little while now, people are starting to wonder what is next for the game. Thankfully, the game’s Director Jeff Kaplan has been willing to shed some new light on the future of the game.

Kaplan has laid out detailed plans for the future of Overwatch. First up, of course, is the release of the Ranked play that should launch later this month. Currently, everything they are working on is “in the pipeline.” Thankfully, everything will start picking up some more traction once the Ranked play mode is out, but even that will take  “several seasons” to get where Blizzard wants it. They are even talking about putting it up on the PTR (public test realm — Blizzard’s built-in beta system of sorts) before launching it. Despite the back up, Kaplan did hint that players may be getting a new map sometime in the near future but everything else is still in the pipe line.

Kaplan also discussed the updated Play of the Game system, more Brawls, better custom game features, a server browser, multiple sprays and voice lines, better social interactions, and adding the ability to leave games as a group.

Overwatch is out now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.







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