Overwatch’s New Map Eichenwalde Is Available Now In PTR

Overwatch’s newest map, Eichenwalde, is supposed to drop sometime next month for the general public, but PC players can try the game out now. The game is now available over in the PTR (public testing region) for players to test now.

Eichenwalde is a hybrid map between Assault and Payload that takes players through a Medieval European castle that pushes players toward the center. For those that want to jump right into the new map, a new Brawl has been set up in the PTR that features the map.

The map is not the only new thing being added to the game. With the map comes the addition of two new Reinhardt skins that are also available in the PTR. The map is likely to drop next month with the release of Season 2. The major changes of Season 2, primarily the re-balancing of heroes, can also currently be experience in the PTR.

Overwatch is out now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.






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