Overwatch’s Newest Comic Expands On The Story Of Bastion

Blizzard has released the latest comic for Overwatch, which is all about Bastion. Blizzard has been constantly building the world of Overwatch with comics and short films and now we are going to get a deeper look at the robot Bastion. This is a great way to build the lore of an online shooter for those that are interested in learning more about their favorite characters and the world they are fighting in.

The comic, “Binary,” is set before the game but after Bastion’s short. It features Bastion’s first meeting with Torbjörn and explains how Bastion fits into the Overwatch organization.

It’s interesting to see more of Bastion and how he interacts with the other members. Bastion is known as the robot that interacts in beeps and boops and has always been an interesting character. Getting a chance to learn more about the robot is a welcomed opportunity.


SOURCE: Blizzard




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