Paragon’s Early Access Starts Now, Progress Will Be Saved

Paragon is promising to be released fully in the future, but for now Epic wants to keep it in early access. This early access is different than previous early accesses for Paragon or for other games in that this early access will have “no more data wipes”.

This means that players can grind, level, and unlock content as long as they would like because whatever they do in the early access will transfer over to the full game. Paragon is still in active development though, so there is still a lot of work to be done on the game. In this early access player can expect to see balancing tweaks, more assets, and the eventual inclusion of a tutorial.

Even though Paragon is in early access Epic has done a lot for the game and the early access will give players a good look at how the game could play.








Written By Guest Contributor Arthur

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