Paragon’s Open Beta Receives A Date As New Character Is Revealed

Epic Games has recently announced the start date for Paragon’s open beta. Players on the PlayStation 4 and PC can download Epic Game’s free-to-play third person MOBA starting August 16th. To go with the news of the open beta, the developers have also announced a new hero would be joining the early access version.

Khaimera will be joining the roster of characters starting June 21st. “This melee fighter is Paragon’s first duelist who specializes in disrupting team fights with close-up encounters. His Pounce leaps to a target enemy Hero, briefly stunning that Hero and dealing Physical Damage around him,” Epic Games explains. “While engaged in fights, Khaimera’s Spirit Regeneration stacks more health regen with each basic attack. His Ultimate, Cull, deals a large amount of damage, both rooting and isolating a target from allies.”

The announcement of Khaimera comes by way of an epic trailer. The trailer shows off how quickly he can close in on opponents with his leap ability and then just destroy them with his powerful strikes. He looks to be a great addition to a great cast of characters.

Paragon will hit open beta on August 16th for the PlayStation 4 and PC.





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