Phantom Lady Fights for Freedom in Sexy Cosplay


Phantom Lady is known for her ability to disappear into the shadows, often using the darkness as her ally. First appearing in August 1941 in Police Comics #1, she uses her skills of espionage and hand-to-hand combat coupled with her revealing outfit and special black like ray projector to take out criminals.


Throughout the years there have been different ladies donning the Phantom Lady title, giving way to various costumes. Cosplayer Kristen Hughey slips into the lemon and lime colored outfit of DC Comic’s rendition of Phantom Lady from 1973. Wearing a revealing yellow bodysuit cinched at the waist with a lime belt, she is extremely seductive. Her lime cape is attached to the top of her bodysuit and flows out behind her. Lime gloves and glasses complete the look flawlessly. Don’t let her catch you doing something illegal, she’ll distract you to jail!

 Photography by SGH PhotoArt



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