Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ Gets Awesome Cosplay Parody Video!

If you enjoy Pharrell’s newest hit song, Happy, and you are a fan of cosplay, then this video is for you! Director D-Piddy and singer Charmie Sweets have collaborated to create this epic cosplay parody music video of Pharrell’s Happy, with whole new lyrics that are cosplay-centered.

The lyrics are ones that every cosplayer can easily relate with, with the first verse saying “We might look crazy, I think that’s okay. Heroes from comics and anime. I’m a children’s cartoon that you can’t erase. Colored hair, look what we wear, this is costume play”

You might see some familiar faces, such as well-known cosplayers LeeAnna Vamp, WindoftheStars, and VampyBitMe, all dancing and showing off their perfected cosplays to the tune of D-Piddy and Charmie’s awesome remix.

Be sure to check out the video below!




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