Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer is Rude, Crude and Touching

The second Pitch Perfect 2 trailer opens with one of those scenarios that’s only funny because of the distance that a movie screen provides. I mean, if somebody really did have a stage and wardrobe malfunction and flashed President Obama, that wouldn’t be funny. Good thing Fat Amy cannot be embarrassed.

John Michael-Higgins character is still being a retrograde misogynist, and now we’re throwing in cheap nationalist jokes?

Maybe it’s because all the superficial and lewd stuff is not what I loved nor remember the most about the original Pitch Perfect, but I can definitely still remember it if I think about it. Remember the running vomit gag? Remember the somewhat stereotypical but endearing and well-rounded minority characters in the Bella’s team? Remember all the painfully awkward humor?

Thankfully, the trailer does still manage to fit in how much all the Bella’s mean to each other as friends, and some spectacular looking a capella performances.

Pitch Perfect 2 takes the stage May 15th, 2015.

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