Pokemon Go Developer Address The Game’s Biggest Issues, Fixes Are On The Way

Pokemon Go has had a few issues since its launch; for the first few days it was hard just to get access to the servers. Nianctic, developer of Ingress and Pokemon Go, is aware of these bugs and has released a list of ones they’re actively fixing.

If you’ve gone hunting for Pokemon in Pokemon Go you know just how fun it can be, but you’ve most likely ran into the game’s biggest problem: battery drainage. From Niantic’s list though it appears that this is a bug, and not caused by the game itself. When the new patch is released, and this issue is addressed, Pokemon trainers will no longer need to carry a portable charger with them everywhere they go.

There are other bugs that are being worked on, but they are more rare and have ways to temporarily fix them already. If your PokeCoins and premium items aren’t showing up on your account, Niantic has advised signing in and out of the app, or restarting your device. In a few very rare cases, players level has been reset to level 1; this is an issue between Pokemon Go accounts. If a player set up a Trainer Club account and Google account, Pokemon Go will switch the player over to the unused account. This can be fixed by signing out, and signing back into the correct account though.

Niantic is working on a more permanent solution to all these bugs, and making the GPS system more stable. The developer has also hinted that additional features, like trading, could make their way to the app. Pokemon Go is available on iOS and Android devices.








Written By Guest Contributor Matt Lowe

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