New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Shows Off New Characters and Familiar Camera Work

The Pokemon Company has released a new trailer today for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon titles. Included in the trailer are of course some new Pokemon, new characters (good and bad), and a new mechanic that calls back to the Nintendo 64’s Pokemon Snap. 

The new feature, known as the Poke Finder, will allow players to use a Rotom-possessed Pokedex, and take pictures of wild Pokemon. It looks like there is going to be a type of sharing mechanic to this system as well; in the trailer we get a glimpse of how many likes the picture has gotten, and the trainers highest like total. We also get to see some more story related characters as the Aether Foundations’ president Lusamine,branch chief Faba, assistant branch chief Wicke make their Pokemon debuts. On the other side of the new character introduction, we get to meet Team Skull’s enforcer Gladion. Gladion talks a big game in the trailer, so hopefully he can back it up and provide trainers with a tough challenge.

Scattered throughout the trailer are new Pokemon as well. We get a look at Raticate’s new Alolan form (put on a little weight have we), two new Pokemon in Type: Null and Jangmo-o, we see the trainer hunting the Alola region for parts of the mythical Pokémon Zygarde, and we also get to see for the very first time the new mysterious Ultra Beasts, UB-01. Like all the previous Pokemon Sun and Moon trailers, this one is packed full of information, and does a great job of introducing more of the games concepts and mechanics so be sure to watch it yourself below.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will release on November 18th, 2016 for the 3DS.





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