Psychonauts 2 Is Happening

Well, those were words that I never thought I would be typing out in my lifetime. But yeah, Psychonauts 2 is happening.

At The Game Awards this year, it was revealed that the beloved 3D platformer Psychonauts, would be getting a sequel and would be developed by Double Fine studios, the developer behind the cult classic original. A short trailer for the game was released, which you can check out below. The game is currently being crowdfunded on Fig, the new crowdsourcing website created by Double Fine founder Tim Schafer.

There is currently no release date for the game, though the crowdfunding page on Fig is live now, and is currently asking for $3.3 million. In addition, a report by Destructoid revealed that there is a hidden backer who is also supporting this, though it is has yet to be revealed. Either way, I personally couldn’t be more excited, as Psychonauts is one of my favorite 3D platformers, and has been a game that I’ve been asking for for years.







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