Rebecca Shows No Weakness in One Piece Cosplay


Late 90’s anime phenomenon One Piece has brought us a plethora of characters for cosplayers. One of many animes that originated in manga form, One Piece has been ongoing since October 1999. One of the newer characters, Rebecca entered the One Piece world and stunned us with her absolute beauty and amazing battle skills.

Rebecca is known for her beauty within the One Piece world. She sports two braids in her pink hair and has an amazing body. She is a strong character who rarely shows any weakness. Her mother taught her as a child not to hurt anyone and this influence has carried into her fighting style today.


Italian beauty Gaia Giselle brings us an epic Rebecca cosplay. She rocks Rebecca’s plated top and loin cloth and also created her sword and shield. There’s no denying that Gaia Giselle has a killer body and she shows it off nicely in this amazing cosplay. Be sure to check out her page to see more of her beauty and cosplay skills!




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