Rei Ayanami Hits Her Mark In This Yoko Littner Inspired Cosplay

rei-ayanami-cosplay-1Photography by Edgar Bonifacio Photography

This gorgeous Rei Ayanami as Yoko Littner cosplay fuses the loveliness of Rei with a cute and edgy outfit style that personifies Yoko. Both Gurren Lagann and Neon Genesis Evangelion are made by Gainax. Both of these series are wonderfully different animes that display the versatility of the mecha anime archetype. Gurren Lagann has more conventional ideals of mecha, whereas Evangelion prevents more of a deconstructionist view of its principles and tropes. These two universes collide in here and now in one gorgeous cosplay.


The design of this cosplay is based off a figurine where Rei cosplays as Yoko. The interesting changes made to the outfit reflect more of Rei’s character, with the white and black which match her plug suit colors in the series and the thigh-high boots that also add an Evangelion-esque vibe. Yet Yoko’s firey and forward personality still shines through with the flame detailing, skull hair clip, cropped jacket, and her signature sniper rifle. Which when wielded by Rei seems to fit just as well.

rei-ayanami-cosplay-3Photography by WongTwoThree Photography

Cosplay Love Pro does a truly incredible job bringing this cosplay to life. She expertly crafts every single detail, including the extremely colorfully patterned jacket, and the flames on her boots. The sniper rifle is full-scale and doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to detailing and authenticity. Even her makeup is expertly applied to showcase Rei’s gorgeous red eyes and full lashes. Her poses show a refreshing take with the stunning confidence of Yoko reflected on Rei.



Written by Guest Contributor: CorsetScars

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