Rock Band 4 Will Be More Expensive on Xbox One, Here’s Why

In news that will surely upset some people, today Harmonix revealed that the Xbox One version will be more expensive than the PlayStation 4 version. The PlayStation 4 version will cost $60 USD, while the Xbox One version will cost $80 USD. While the price seems high for many players in the US, there’s a reason why that is, and it involves the Xbox 360.

According to Gamespot, the reason the Xbox One version of Rock Band 4 is more expensive is because unlike the PlayStation 4 version, the Xbox One version will require what is being called a “Legacy Game Controller”. You see, while the PlayStation 4 controller supports third party devices and legacy controllers just fine, the Xbox One requires an adapter to support older Rock Band controllers and third party peripherals. While this may be a bummer for a lot of fans, it’s important to note that A) this only effects the standalone disc version of Rock Band 4, not the one that comes with all the instruments, and B) in comparison, Rock Band’s rival, Guitar Hero Live, won’t support any old controllers at all, due to the fact that the game incorporates a different control scheme. Rock Band 4 will be released on October 6th for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.








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