Rocket League Adds Steam Workshop Support On PC

PC players will soon be able to enjoy custom levels for Rocket League. The December update will add Steam Workshop support the game so players can enjoy and create new levels for the game at will.

“The Rocket League modding community, like our fans on the RocketLeagueMods subreddit, have built some fantastic stuff using the Unreal Engine 3 UDK over the past year — including frenchfries’ own Rocket League Obstacle Course (pictured above) and Dribbling Challenge #1 to name just a few,” the developer wrote. “With our new Steam Workshop support, it will be much easier for modders to share creations without having to edit game files.”

With much easier access to mods, it is likely the modding scene will grow even bigger than it currently is. Now, to enjoy these mods, all players will have to do is go to the Steam Workshop and subscribe to their favorite mods. Steam will handle the rest. These levels can then be found in the “Extras” menu under “Workshop.”


SOURCE: Psyonix




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