Rocket League’s Next Big Update Is For Those Who Want To Master The Game

We’ve all had that moment in Rocket League; trying to pull off a sweet shot, only to mess it up spectacularly. But that’s going to change with the game’s upcoming update, which will allow players to create their own custom training sessions.

Developer Psyonix goes into great on their site. The update will allow players to set up specific scenarios so that they can practice a specific shot. You can place the ball, car, and fine tune the speed and direction of the ball, and there’ll even be a preview mode so you can see what the shot will look like before you practice so you can identify what does and doesn’t work. You can even share your special training techniques online, and the 50 most popular ones will be shown, with a unique code that players can enter to try it out for themselves. There won’t be any kind of cross platform sharing when the update launches, but Psyonix is currently talking with platform-holders to get the greenlight.

This is the kind of thing that appeals more to hardcore fans than casual, and PC players already have mods that do this, but for those of who you wanted to improve your rankings in competitive mode, this feature is definitely for you. Rocket League is available now for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


SOURCE: Psyonix




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