Rockstar Launches New Content For Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar has released another update for Grand Theft Auto Online. The latest update includes new Stunt Races, new vehicles, as well as a new Premium Race to participate in.

According to the developer, the update introduces five new stunt races that will test your daredevil spirit. Below you can find a good description of the five new Races below:

  • Chiliad (Super): Mount Chiliad has inspired artists, hippies and death cults for generations, but until now it’s offered precious little for the key Los Santos demographic: reckless Super car enthusiasts. All that changes with this towering Stunt Race over the iconic peak of San Andreas.
  • H200 (Sport): After a long day in the office hoping the IT guy won’t check your search history, there’s nothing more invigorating than the touch of the ocean breeze and the smell of salt water as it washes over a race track and floods your engine. Stunt Race for Sports cars. Pro tip: bring your bikini bottoms.
  • Over the Bridge (Bike): Sure, 2000cc superbikes weren’t designed to spend this much time flying through the air above industrial docklands, but every step of evolutionary progress is tough on the pioneers. Jump-heavy Point to Point Stunt Race.
  • Vespucci (Super): The Los Santos coastline is about so much more than golden sand, contaminated water, and steroid abuse. It’s also a perfect backdrop for laps of a winding Stunt Race where any mistake will send you and your million dollar Super car to the bottom of the sea. Hey, it beats the Ferris wheel.
  • The Wave (Bike): Who said you have to venture out into the middle of the Pacific in a force ten gale to feel so seasick you want to die? That special inside-out feeling is available right here on this coastal Stunt Race for Bikes.

In addition to five new races, the new update adds new Stunt Races, while the Bravado Sprunk Buffalo, MTL Dune, and Vapid Contender serve as three new vehicles for players to access. Lastly, the new update introduces an H200 Premium Race which players can participate in starting July 29th until July 31st.






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