Rogue Cosplay Shows the Beauty of Mutants!

rogue-cosplay-1Photography by AJ de Ocampo

Anna Marie, better known as Rogue, is the mutant with a deadly touch. With the typical hero history of deceased parents and questionable foster upbringing, Rogue came into her powers in an unconventional way. Over time, she has learned how to properly use her powers without sending people into comas or their death.


To say that Rogue was distressed after discovering she was a mutant would be an understatement. After sharing a kiss with Cody Robbins and sending him into an endless coma, she faced the harsh reality that she simply could not have a “normal” life. She joined in with her foster mother, Mystique, in her criminal activities and had a significant run-in with Carol Danvers, Ms. Marvel. This run-in left Ms. Marvel in the hospital and Rogue with her memories and powers. She became distraught over the event and came to join Professor Xavier and the X-Men. Nowadays, Rogue is one of the most respected X-Men and has learned how to properly control her mutant power to help the X-Men by sometimes siphoning mutant powers from her fellow X-Men to get them out of a bind.

rogue-cosplay-3Photography by N8e Photography.

Adorable French cosplayer, Ainlina, rocks Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Rogue variant. Ainlina has been cosplaying since 2009 and has several amazing cosplays under her belt. Her cosplay of Rogue wonderfully brings the Kotobukiya Bishoujo statue to life. Most recently, Ainlina has begun working on a Jinx from League of Legends cosplay. Be sure to follow her on her social sites to see more epic cosplays!


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Written by Guest Contributor: CaydenVierra