A Sexy, Shiny, and Precious Black Cat Cosplay

Photography by Anton Timofeev

She’s not a hero. She’s a thief. Born a thief, raised a thief and will die a thief. And she was encouraged to settle for the absolute best and never second. This is Black Cat we are talking about; a thief, private investigator, founder of Cats Eye Investigations and just like her father before her, a cat burglar.

During her freshman years in school, she was invited to a party where she was almost raped by an intoxicated student and then saved by Ryan, who then became very close friends with the thief. Felicia protested against taking their relationship to a physical level. Loathing the idea of being a victim, she made the decision to murder her rapist regardless of the consequences and then put aside her studies to focus on training in various acrobatics and fighting styles.

Photography by Eleonora Alekseeva

After months of plotting and preparing for an act of revenge, she set out only to find Ryan had been killed in a car accident. Felicia was furious that she had been denied the opportunity to steal the life of someone who stole hers. She decided that she would put her skills to good use and follow in the footsteps of her father. She adopted a costume identity and first donned the Black Cat outfit, a PVC bodysuit with a plunging neckline and white fur collar with high heeled boots, to free her father from prison. This is where she ran into our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.

Black Cat is a popular character among cosplayers and it’s easy to understand why. She’s not only a sexy character but her outfit is sophisticated and simple, and is instantly recognizable by almost everyone. Now take a look at this cosplay of Black Cat by Russian cosplayer Annablooden. There is a lot to love about this cosplay – the gorgeous white hair and the tails on the boots, the little mask and ears and that bodysuit. Let me tell you all how much I love cosplayers who use PVC! It’s a simple but super sexy and effective cosplay!

Photography by Eleonora Alekseeva


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