Sheryl Nome Cosplay Shows Us Pop Stars Can Put Up a Fight!

Due to a war with alien civilizations, humans have retreated to areas across the galaxy, residing in “fleets” in order to lessen their chances of alien attack.  The anime Macross Frontier showcases life on one of these fleets, the Macross Frontier, and follows three of the fleet’s residents.  One of these is the fleet’s local celebrity, Sheryl Nome.   A top-of-the-charts pop singer from the Macross Galaxy, saying Sheryl Nome was an intergalactic celebrity would be an understatement.  Being known as the “Galactic Fairy”, Sheryl Nome was loved and a pride for her fleet.

sheryl-nome-cosplay-3With so much success and accomplishments in her life, it is a shock when she finds out that she was actually a failed science test subject that was filed under the name Fairy 9.  Her career now in complete disarray, she sets out the get revenge on the scientist who discarded her and thought she was no longer useful.  Upon doing so, the scientist responsible, Grace O’Connor, reveals another disastrous blow to Sheryl, informing her that she has a terminal disease that has no cure.  Sheryl Nome goes from a pop artist who has everything, to a young woman with a failed career who is battling for her life.


Deviantart user Nikki did an amazing photoshoot with her Sheryl Nome cosplay, in which she is wearing her white military uniform, showing us that although Sheryl can be cute and bubbly, she can also be a force to be reckoned with.


Photography by Red Envelope Photos






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