Shimakaze Cosplay Relaxes Before an Epic Battle

Shimakaze is arguably the most popular character from the KanColle series.  Originating as a PC browser game, KanColle has recently been transformed into an anime, where we can watch all of the ship girls and their epic battles in action.  Shimakaze has a unique appearance– sporting a black bunny ear headband and long red and white kneesocks.  Her ensemble is simply adorable, making her a character that cosplayers are anxious to embody.


Cosplayer Rundaria Cosplay becomes Shimakaze in stunning fashion.  She sports Shimakaze’s peppy look perfectly, and places herself in an ocean-side setting that is absolutely perfect for a KanColle shoot.  This cosplay is totally epic, and one of the best we have seen of Shimakaze yet.  Rundaria also has an amazing cosplay of Sinon from Sword Art Online, which you should be sure to check out by visiting her Facebook page!



Photography by Vaxzone







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