Simon Pegg in Star Trek: Into Darkness

Simon Pegg Will Co-Write and Star in “Star Trek 3”

Since Roberto Orci abdicated the director’s chair and script duties of the third Star Trek reboot film, fans have undoubtedly been wondering who would pick up the mantle. Paramount’s new course is a bit unexpected but nonetheless exciting.

Simon Pegg, who starred as Engineer Montgomery Scott in both previous films and who’s equally famous for the “Cornetto Trilogy” will be co-writing the script for “Star Trek 3” along with Doug Jung, the creator of the TNT series, “Dark Blue”.

With these two handling the script and Fast and Furious director Justin Lin taking over the helm, it looks like the rebooted Enterprise should be ready to set course for its third voyage. I hope Pegg doesn’t give himself all the best lines. Bones and Spock deserve to sling a few standout jokes, too.

Source: Deadline

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