Sinon Asada is a Total Babe is This Amazing Cosplay

Sword Art Online is an anime that quickly picked up popularity — especially with gamers. The whole premise of the anime is centric on gamers being able to transport themselves right into a title, using virtual reality to give MMORPG worlds a sense of reality. Meaning, you get to actually put yourself into a freakin’ game. Sweeet! Of course, everything does not go according to plan and plot lines quickly unfold, revealing that becoming an RPG character might not be all it’s cracked up to seem.


Throughout the series, fans are introduced to more than a handful of characters, some of which they dislike and some which they love. Sinon Asada is one of the characters on the latter spectrum, gaining praise from those who know her. Sinon is a skilled VRMMO player — making her first appearance in the Phantom Bullet Arc. Given the nickname Hecate, after the girl’s gun of choosing, Able to stay cool and collected — unless you anger her, Sinon is an amazing person to have at your side. She’s willing to aid those around her without reluctance and is quite friendly when you’re on her good side — not that it’s hard to do, seeing as Kirito was the first person to make her truly angry.


With the charm that Sinon Asada possess, it’s not that hard to believe that cosplayers have taken quite the liking to her, choosing to take on her different variations. Of the cosplayers, Nana Kuronoma is one of the better detail oriented — truly making Sinon come to life. From the color of the hair to how her green and white jacket has been constructed, this cosplay is truly beautiful and deserves high praises.

Photography by CosplayShootandGames








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