SMITE Is Out Tomorrow For PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 version of SMITE is set to officially release tomorrow. To celebrate the PlayStation 4 release is a new launch trailer.

SMITE has been out in open beta for some time now on the PlayStation 4 and is now ready for a full release. The third-person action based MOBA seperates itself form the likes of League of Legends and Dota by having a behind the back third- person camera and focusing more on action based combat rather than point and click strategy.

With the launch comes a rather great launch trailer to show off some of the highlights of the game. From heroes battering their enemies by summoning lightning to smashing the ground with a giant hammer, there is plenty to enjoy and a large variety to destroy your enemies. With the success of the PC version and Xbox One version, this MOBA is sure to entertain even more people on the PlayStation 4.

SMITE is out now for the Xbox One, PC, and will be out for the PlayStation 4 starting tomorrow.