New Sonic Mania Gameplay Video Proves That Sonic Still Has The Speed

Sonic Mania has just received a 12 minute gameplay video from Polygon proves that Sonic can still be fun. The video showcases Sonic returning to high speed and exploring 2D locations and shows that Sonic Mania could be a return to form for the blue hedgehog.

Sonic Mania goes back to the large open areas that are full of secrets and this is shown off perfectly in the video. From secret walls to barriers that need to be broken with speed, their is plenty for fans to explore in just first stage, which is a recreation of the iconic Green Hill Zone. If the rest of Sonic Mania is similar to the 12 minutes of gameplay found below, then I think it will do right by Sonic fans and can be a great game for all to enjoy.

Sonic Mania is set to release next spring for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.





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