Sony Announces Driveclub VR Will Be a PlayStation VR Launch Title

With Sony stepping into virtual reality very soon, it’s no surprise that company is revealing which games will launch with their headset. After a recent post on the Japanese PlayStation Blog, Sony confirms that Driveclub VR will serve as a launch titled for the PlayStation VR.

According to the blog post, PlayStation VR owners interested in acquiring the game will have the option to get a physical or digital copy of the game. Driveclub VR will feature realistic 3D audio, a viewing mode, and will place players in a first-person cockpit view.

Although Sony has not confirmed whether or not Driveclub VR will include more content than it’s predecessor, but former Driveclub director Paul Rustchynsky did reveal on Twitter that the VR port of the game would feature “a collection of brand new tracks” including a city-themed track.

PlayStation 4 fans prepare to dive into the world of virtual reality on October 13th. Currently, the VR headset is available for preorder for $399.99, while the PlayStation VR launch bundle goes for $499.99.






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