Sony ‘Finalizing Plans’ For Gamers to Watch E3 on PlayStation Vita


It looks like PlayStation Vita owners will have the inside track on Sony’s press conference at E3 in just two weeks. SCEE Blog Manager Fred Dutton confirmed that Sony is ‘finalizing plans’ to allow those in possession of the handheld console to watch the event unfold. Here’s the exact quote via the PlayStation Blog:

“We’re finalizing plans now, but yes, you will be able to watch the show somewhere, somehow on your Vita.”


There’s an implied value that, in order to watch the show, owners will need to be near a WiFi source, unless the Vita’s going to have access to 3G within the next couple of weeks. There’s no word on just how Sony intends to execute this move, but we’ll post more information as it becomes available. If accomplished, PlayStation Vita owners will be able to keep current on Sony’s plans, and all from the safety and comfort of their bathroom.




Written by Guest Contributor: TheHeroofOsaka

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