Hotel Transylvania 3

Sony Pictures Announces Hotel Transylvania 3

A brand new listing on Box Office Mojo informs us that Hotel Transylvania 3 has been slated for a September 2018 release date.

Not everyone was sold on the original but I found it to be plenty clever, funny and touching. The character animations in the film were definitely a standout. Number 2 definitely suffered from Sequelitis and the fact that Adam Sandler joined the writing team instead of just the voice cast, even though it was definitely a box office success.

But perhaps Sony can squeeze one more movie’s worth of stories, gags and character arcs out of this clever take on classic monsters. The director of the two previous films, Genndy Tartakovsky, isn’t set to return, though Sony Pictures’ Rory Bruer has said, “There are a lot of stories left to tell,” discussing the success and future of the series.
Source: IGN

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