Sony Reveals 8 Minutes of Explosive Gameplay from inFamous: Second Son


Sony has released a video showcasing 8 minutes of uncut gameplay from Sucker Punch’s highly anticipated next-gen powerhouse, inFamous: Second Son. Unless you’ve gone complete media blackout the footage is totally spoiler free and simply showcases some of the game’s most exciting selling points such as navigating the city and fighting activists with Delsin’s neon powers.

inFamous: Second Son was originally announced as a Playstation 4 launch title, but unfortunately it was delayed so that Sucker Punch could continue polishing the game. Now that we are fast approaching the games March 21st release date excitement seems to be ramping up as players are eager to get back into the world of inFamous and see what happened in the years that followed the explosive ending to inFamous 2.

Anyone wanting to check out the footage will find it embedded below. The video does feature some recycled content, but it seems like the perfect way to advertise a game that’s now just days away from release.






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