Square Enix Plans Old IP Revival in Annual Report

Gaming giant Square Enix has announced their 2015 annual report, which in addition to the business aspect of the report, also lines out their goals and objectives in the coming future. Among these, Square Enix has announced that the massive success of Final Fantasy XIV and Dragon Quest X have turned the two franchises into “stable earnings generators that underpin Square Enix’s financial performance. After the recent release of Dragon Quest Heroes and Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, it’s hard to wonder why.

In addition to the current revenue streams, Square Enix has also reported a focus on not only revitalizing old IPs, including with the use of remakes such as Final Fantasy VII. The company is also looking into exploring high quality content for the emerging VR market, engaging “in research into the latest content and technologies, developing new business models, and cultivating new sales in channels and regions.” After seeing that players will come back to a game if the gameplay is exceptional, such is the case with Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix is poised to once again become the king of Japanese RPGs.