Star Fox Zero Gets A Release Date

Thanks to a huge announcement today made by Nintendo concerning the release dates of a bunch of big profile Nintendo games, we now know the release date for Star Fox Zero, the newest game in the Star Fox series that is being co-developed by Platnium Games, the developer behind Bayonetta 2 and the upcoming Scalebound.

Fox McCloud and his lovable crew of mercenaries will enter all range mode in both North America and Europe on November 20th. In addition the final box art of the game was revealed as well, confirming that yes there will be amiibo support, though what that support will entail is unknown. Star Fox Zero is seen as a sort of reboot of the beloved N64 classic Star Fox 64, with a focus on aerial combat that the series has been famous for, while at the same time adding unique transformation such as a chicken walking mech and gyro copter to spice up the gameplay. While it’s currently unknown what the story will be, it has been confirmed that the voice cast that was used in the 3DS remake of Star Fox 64 will be reprising their roles in this game, including Mike West, who voiced Fox in the original Star Fox 64 and who voiced the character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS.