Star Fox Zero E3 2015

Star Fox Zero’s Latest Trailer Bursts Onto The Scene With A Barrel Roll

It just would not be a proper Star Fox trailer if it did not include dog fighting action and at least one person shouting at you to do a barrel roll, and thankfully, Nintendo knows this and the latest game play trailer for Star Fox Zero has all of that.

The trailer, thankfully, sticks to all of the fun stuff that fans can have come to know and expect in a Star Fox game. From the personality of the characters shouting at Fox to do a barrel roll or for the team to “Rock and Roll”, to the explosive, dog fighting action, all is wonderfully displayed for fans to enjoy.

From rolling out of danger to making quick dashes to hit enemy weak points everything about the trailer was fast and smooth, not to mention exciting. Avoiding falling debris as you take out enemy ships was an exciting sight and it does a perfect job of bringing some excitement before the game releases.

Star Fox Zero is slated to release April 22 exclusively for the Wii U.








Written By Guest Contributor Austin

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