A Stunning Cosplay of Nina Williams from Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Photography by Pugoffka

With long blonde hair and captivating blue eyes, Nebulaluben cosplays a stunning Nina Williams from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. A fighting game from the Tekken family, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 allows players to swap between two different characters during the match. This tag teaming allows characters to regain health while resting, and gives us a more varied and interesting fight.

nina-williams-cosplay-2Photography by Pugoffka

Nina Williams is an original character from the first Tekken fighting game. She is a cold blooded assassin with a deadly fighting style. Her strong skills and versatility make her a popular character in the games and the perfect addition to any team. Showing off her figure, and conveying her victory, Nina’s signature victory pose involves placing her foot atop the defeated.

nina-williams-cosplay-3Photography by Jesus Clares

Nebulaluben’s portrayal of Nina Williams is perfect and the beauty of her craftsmanship is matched only by her accurate embodiment of Nina’s personality. Nebulaluben has an amazing attention to detail that really brings Nina to life. While this is one character we don’t want to be matched against, we’d love to be on her tag team.

nina-williams-cosplay-5Photography by urbandancer

For more of Nebulaluben’s work, visit her Facebook, Twitter, and DeviantART pages!

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