Super Mario Run Is Coming To Android This March

Well, it may have taken awhile, but soon Android users will soon be able to play Super Mario Run. Nintendo announced earlier today that the game will be making it’s way over to Android devices this March.

The news comes from Nintendo of Japan’s official Twitter account, with a Tweet letting Android users know that they’ll be finally getting their hands on Mario’s first foray into mobile phone gaming this March. While that’s still a lot sooner than rather, the game doesn’t have a hard release date. Still, that’s a little more than a month, and if you want to get in on the game, you can sign up here to be notified on the Google Store when it goes live.

As for why it seems like it took forever to get the game to Android devices the game that had 40 million downloads in it’s first four days and made $30 million dollars in revenue, the simple answer is because Nintendo had an exclusive deal with Apple to have the game be on iOS devices for the first few months. A deal that’s going to be coming to an end come March.

Super Mario Run is out now for iOS devices, and will finally be coming to Android devices this March.





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