Super Sonico Keeps the Beats Pumping in Adorable Cosplay

sonico-cosplay-1Photography by White Desert Sun

Super Sonico made her first appearance in 2006 as the mascot for “Nitro Super Sonico”, an annual music festival held by Nitroplus. Her popularity was enormous leading to the development of a manga series, video games, an anime series, figurines and music products. Now she is a media franchise, an icon among icons.

sonico-cosplay-2Photography by AshB images

Super Sonico has become a namesake in the cosplay world. Featuring various outfits, a fun personality, and adorable looks, she was one of the most cosplayed characters in 2014. Casey Anne Cosplay gives us a cheerful and flirty Super Sonico cosplay. Flaunting her signature pink hair and headphones Casey Anne Cosplay is adorable. A gold and green guitar necklace hangs around her neck, a nod to her musical roots. A blue camo vest with kitty ears on the hood sits on top a white shirt and jean shorts. With a cute smile and fun posing, Casey Anne Cosplay is a Super Sonico to remember.




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