Terraria PC Update Includes Clouds and Waterfalls

Terraria - 22

There’s been no shortage of buzz recently about the indie side scroller Terraria. The game just became available on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, and is slated for released on the PlayStation Vita sometime this summer. Of course, PC owners have had access to the action RPG since 2011, and for their diligence are being rewarded with an update set to feature, wait for it, waterfalls and clouds! We’ll post confirmation as to whether or not more’s coming in the update as the information becomes available.

Terraria Developer Andrew Spinks recently showed off a few new images displaying what’s to come in the update on the TerrariaFacebook page. It’s unclear at this point just what sort of functionality veterans can expect with the new objects, but the picture below does at least demonstrate a house built on top of a cloud. This PC update is set for release in the ‘next few months.’




Written by Guest Contributor: TheHeroofOsaka

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