The Division’s 1.6 Update And Last Stand DLC Is Coming This Month

Ubisoft has announced that the 1.6 Update and the Last Stand DLC will launch February 28th for The Division. Unlike the last two pieces of DLC, Last Stand will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC at the same time and introduces structured PvP to the game.

Last Stand is a separate, session-based mode that takes place in the Dark Zone. This PvP mode will have two teams of eight will fight for control of three landmarks until one team has accumulated enough points to win. Points are earned by capturing and holding landmarks A, B, or C, which is done by securing the objectives inside of them. Once all objectives are under one team’s control, the point is captured. Last Stand is set across four maps–DZ 1-3, DZ 4-6, DZ 7-8, and DZ 8-9–and a match will last approximately 20 minutes. The DLC also offers something for fans who are not into the PvP aspect. Last Stand also adds the new Incursion mode.

While fans will have to pay for the Last Stand, the new 1.6 update, which arrives on the same day, is free for all players. This massive new update adds three new areas to the Dark Zone, new Contamination events for the Dark Zone, and Dark Zone leaderboards that will offer rewards depending on where players place.

The update also gives PvE players in The Division a new difficulty mode with new Legendary rewards. The update also brings a whole bunch of balance changes, and a revamped in-game store that will sell new emotes, weapon skins, and other vanity items for a new Premium Credits currency.

Last Stand is the last of the announced DLCs for The Division, but not the end of the game. Ubisoft has mentioned that they have plans for a second year of updates and DLC.


SOURCE: Ubisoft




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