The Division’s Newest Update Looks to Bring Back That Shooter Feel

Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s 1.4 update will help “bring back the shooter feeling,” according to developer Massive. This is good news for fans of the game, who feel like it’s gotten away from it’s roots.

“One issue facing The Division today is that the power difference between optimized and non-optimized builds is too great,” the developer wrote. “We still want people to optimize their gear and min-max to their heart’s content, but in order to balance the game, we need to reduce the gap between the two extremes. As part of Update 1.4 we also want to bring back the shooter feeling, add more decision making and hard choices when building your character and add more variety to the viable builds.” In order to bring that shooter feel back, Ubisoft has stated that they will be making changes to stats, gear, talents, and more.

The first major change in update 1.4, all gear that drops in World Tier 2 and above will always have all three major stats; Firearms, Stamina, and Electronics to help boost overall stats and create a balanced baseline for players. Also, all gear will lose its skill bonuses. Instead, backpacks, holsters, and knee pads will get an additional performance mod slot. This has been done to reduce the random number generator (RNG) on gear.

Massive will also adjust the Gear Score down from 268 to 229. The new tiers are as follows:

  • 191 gear will all be made into Gear Score 163
  • 214 to 182
  • 240 to 204
  • 268 to 229

The second major change that the update brings, is that it will also completely remove the scavenging stat from the game. Gear with the scavenging stat on will be be replaced and rerolled when the update launches. Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.






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