The Flame in the Flood Gets New Trailer, Final Release Date

The Flame in the Food is an upcoming survival title by The Molasses Flood, a new game studio being led by veterans from Irrational Games, Guitar Hero, Rock Back, and Halo, as well as the Art Director from Bioshock. Challenging players to hunt, trap, craft, and survive in a post-civilization Western America, The Flame in the Flood’s new trailer sets the stage for the game, the unpredictability of the game’s river system, and the theme of “you are what you leave behind.” A truly artistic piece, the game is currently making its early access run on Steam, having already amassed a generally positive standing.

In the new trailer, we get a series of helpful wildlife tips, sure to help the stalwart survivalist last a little bit longer in a world plagued by rabid wolves, dust, and that dreadful isolation. Fire will be your friend and your enemy, forcing wolves to flee but also attracting snakes. Add in some angry boars and some even angrier bears, and you’ve got yourself a survival game. The Flame in the Flood hits full release later this month on Xbox One, PC, and Mac, check out the trailer below.







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