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“The Interview” Trailer: Franco and Rogen Take on North Korea

James Franco and Seth Rogen star in a seemingly lewd, run of the mill comedy with a hyper political premise. What if a Western talk show host personality was asked by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jong-un during an exclusive interview with the North Korean Leader? The Interview will tell us.

Certainly turned my head. The movie certainly doesn’t pull any punches about applying all the comic tropes and timing to the concept of a high profile assassination of a current head of state either. The trailer also gives us our first major look at its version of Kim Jong-un played by Randall Park including the fact that he’s a huge Katy Perry fan.

Rogen also co-directed the film with Evan Goldberg. The duo were behind other recent comedy gems like This is the End and Neighbors. Let’s see what they can do with this political hot potato of a comedy. Check out the trailer below!


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