The Kick Ass Aria T’Loak Will Blow Your Mind in This Cosplay!


Aria T’Loak is the self proclaimed leader of Omega — giving herself the title after reclaiming it once more. Shepard first meets Aria in her nightclub, Afterlife, and quickly learns that she’s not one to be messed with. While she can take a liking to Commander Shepard, that doesn’t stand for anyone else who crosses paths with her. Aria’s need for power — and willingness to protect Omega at all costs, set her apart from other characters within the Mass Effect series. “Rising up in the ranks”, Aria T’Loak went from “exotic dancer” to nightclub owner, and all she had to do was kill Afterlife’s previous owner.


The Asari’s personality is as colored as her past, enticing gamers to want to learn more about her — a wish that gets granted as Aria makes appearances in multiple Mass Effect titles. Seeing as Aria is an overall badass, it’s no surprise that people would be drawn to her, cosplayers especially. There’s something about embodying someone who is completely independent and completely intimidating that pulls people right in.


While there have been a handful of cosplayers that attempt to take on the beautiful Asari, not all do it with as much ease as Hikari Kat. It’s hard to execute an Asari with such finess, but Hikari Kat has done just that, bringing Aria T’Loak to life. Check out her amazing work on her Facebook, and be sure to keep an eye out for possible features in the future!

 Photography by Hidrico




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