The Last Guardian Has New Video Showing Off Gameplay

As apart of their IGN First, IGN has revealed some new gameplay for The Last Guardian. They show off the first 45 minutes of the game that is set to release this year.

A lot of the gameplay is similar to what has been shown off, it is very focused on interaction with the beast, Trico. That is far from a bad thing, though, as the game looks gorgeous. Through beautiful animation, Trico truly feels like a real, living creature. The way it moves and reacts to the world and the commands of the boy give it a real personality and makes it look very real. The puzzles seem interesting and the world looks beautiful and alive. While this game has been delayed before and many people even believed it was actually canceled until it made a emergence at last year’s E3, it truly looks as though it was all for the best. The game looks wonderful and I am more excited than ever for it to release.

The Last Guardian is set to release later this year as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.